Privacy Policy

The security of your personal information is very important to Vinkware Computer Solutions. Below, we describe our policy concerning the collection and security of data relating to the use of the Chess Mates for Android app.

Data Collection

Vinkware Computer Solutions does not collect any information, personal or otherwise, as a result of your use of the Chess Mates for Android app. Starting in version 2.0, the app provides Google Play Games integration. If, and only if, you opt to use this feature, Chess Mates for Android will associate your score in the app (your rating) with your Google+ identity. Please refer to the policies for Google+ and Google Play Games for further information.


In order to keep track of your progress, the Chess Mates for Android app stores data locally on your device. This information is stored solely to enhance your experience, and is available only to the app. The calculated rating is the only information that is shared with Google Play Games, and only if you choose to allow this.

Changes to this Policy

If changes in a future version of the Chess Mates for Android app warrant changes to this policy, this policy will be updated accordingly. Before you upgrade your app, you will be able to view a list of changes; if this policy has been updated as a result of the upgrade, a note will be included in that list indicating that a new version of the privacy policy is available.