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Download Flags Lite for Android for free, and get into the flags fun. Then, if you enjoy the app, upgrade to the full version to get even more ways to play and learn.

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    Flag Quizzes

    Play the following quiz in Flags Lite:

    • Pick the Country - Find the right country for the flag shown.

    Upgrade to the full version, and you will also get:

    • Pick the Flag - Find the right flag for the country shown.
    • Trivia Quiz - Answer trivia questions about the flags.

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    Keep Improving

    Flags Lite keeps track of your score. Have a minute of spare time? Use it to improve your highscore! Also, feel free to send us feedback, so that when we have some spare time, we can keep improving the app.

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    Features Included in the Full Version

    Upgrade to the full version today, and you will also get:
    • more ways to play: three game modes instead of one,
    • a visual index of all the flags in the app,
    • detailed information about each flag, and
    • a glossary of flag-related terms.